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NSI Inc. Instrumentation Repair

In the mid 1950’s, John B. Nichols started learning and specializing in instrumentation repair on American and Foreign cars. In 1962 he established Nichols Speedometer and Instrument Company.  In 1976 his son Charlie Nichols stepped up to lead the company in new directions for sales and service, and Nichols Speedometer continued to provide top notch repair options for its customers. As it was then, just as today, vehicle instrumentation repair requires special tools and equipment to diagnose and correct problems caused by devices that most mechanics and dealers would just have to replace.  Our company allows vehicle owners, mechanics, and dealers a new option. Repair original equipment, rather than replacing it. 
In 2006 Nichols Speedometer has become NSI Inc., and now we have three generations of instrumentation repair experience.  As cars and trucks have changed over the years NSI Inc has adapted to keep up with the world of instrumentation. With over 40 years of combined knowledge NSI should be able to help find a solution to your vehicles instrumentation problems no mater if they happen to be a mechanical speedometer from a vintage restoration or an electronic/computerized cluster for a newer car or truck.  Call us for consultation on your personal instrumentation application or problem.  We will be happy to help. 

Common Repairs Include:

Most types of VDO automotive, aftermarket, boat, truck, large equipment, OEM style gauges can be repaired or replaced through NSI Inc. ( NSI Inc. has been doing specialized repair work for VDO North America for many years and is recommended by VDO Technical Support Regularly.)

All American and Foreign OEM Instrument clusters like AC-Delco, Chrysler, Ford, VDO, Smiths, Jager, Nippon Seiki, Nippon Denso can be repaired or replaced through NSI Inc.     

  • Odometer problems on all year models (mechanical or electronic) 
  • The rebuild and repair of worn out or noisy speedometers/tachs due to age
  • Recalibration of Speedometers based on specific needs
  • Metric to English conversion on gray market speedometers
  • Repairing digital clusters for sticking gauges, or displays that are not working
  • Reprogramming Digital Odometers to correct mileage or reprogramming for immobilizer systems
  • Repairing Clocks, Fuel Gauges, Temp Gauges, Hour Meters, Volt Meters, PSI Gauges, EXE on all types Clusters for all types of products and vehicles.
  • We produce custom speedometer cables and ratio adaptors for all types of applications

The lists above are just some examples of the average problems we deal with on all types of cars and trucks. NSI Inc. has offered top notch service over four decades of repairing different instrumentation, and as Cars, Boats, Service Equipment  have become more advanced we have been able to adapt to the changes while still providing service for the older types of mechanical setups that are becoming rare and hard to service.  Please provide the information below to ask any questions in order to see if we can provide our service for you.