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Fleet Management:

At NSI we have been involved with recording instrumentation since it was first introduced in the American market around the early 1970’s.  Recording devices such as Tachographs have been providing critical information to Fleet Managers as well as providing precise time, speed, and distance visuals for the vehicle operator.  We are now a Nationwide Master Distributor for VDO Style Tachographs, and not only do we sell new Tachograph products but we also remanufacture and repair older Tachograph units, as well as provide an (exchange/reman) program for quick replacement of failed units and parts.

Tachographs have been around since the early 60’s and are the most common type of recording instrument. All Tachographs record data on a piece of round graph paper that can show SPEED, DISTANCE TRAVLED, RPM, IDLE TIME, FUEL RATE, and STATUS EVENTS. (Status Events can be used for any events that need be recorded like Blue Lights Active, Siren Active, or whatever can be monitored using a switched 12 or 24-volt source).   There are various types of Tachographs that allow the user to only purschse what is needed and models can be purchased in both 12 and 24 volt options.  We also offer wiring options that allow connections to Analog and Data Bus systems (such as J-1708 and J-1939) for ease of installation.         

As the new millennium came about so did advancement in the VDO Tachograph Product Line.  The new 1324 DTCO or Digital Tachograph has been in use in Europe for a number of years but now the American market is starting to see the benefit of having a stand-alone recording device.  The DTCO is capable of connecting directly to a data-bus type engine, no need to buy accessory filters or converter boxes.  Being designed to fit in a Standard radio slot it will take up little cabin space but it has the ability to control a dash mounted speedometer (option) as well as record multiple drivers and events.
(These units are designed to sell into a manufacturing platform, and are a standard European issue but have different options available in the US market.)   

With the increases in technology, advances in Fleet Management have followed.  GPS transponders can give a direct location of a vehicle and is an easy way to locate personnel and transmit information.  GPS devices can be used to quicken response times and keep up with vehicle locations in order to maximize service routes.  We offer many different applications of industrial use GPS devices and can offer assistance in choosing the correct type for your needs.

We at NSI are the largest supplier of Tachograph Units and Accessories in the US Market and have a Knowledge Base that can help Technicians, Troubleshooters, Fleet Managers, and Service Managers find the solutions and parts to fit the need. Please contact us for any questions.